Conferences and Thematic Programs

IMPA hosts a number of international events throughout the year. In such meetings it receives world renowned specialists who interact with local researchers and students on topics that are on the forefront of modern mathematical sciences.


Thematic Program

Parameter identification in mathematical models
IMPA, RJ, from October 02nd to November 30th.


Rio Workshop on Geometry and Graphs
IMPA, RJ, February 13 - 17.

58th International Mathematical Olympiad - IMO 2017
IMPA, RJ, July 12 - 24.

31st Brazilian Mathematical Colloquium
IMPA, RJ, July 30th to August 5th.

Conservation Laws and Applications, celebrating the 70th birthday of Dan Marchesin
IMPA, RJ, August 1 - 4.

XXI Brazilian School of Probability
IMPA, RJ, August 1 - 5.

Workshop on Conservative Dynamics and Symplectic Geometry
IMPA, RJ, August 7 - 11.

New Trends in Parameter Identification for Mathematical Models
IMPA, RJ, October 30th to November 03rd.

STIC AmSud & MathAmSud
IMPA, RJ, November 20 - 23.

Research in Options 2017
Rio de Janeiro, November 25 - 30.

VIII Simpósio Nacional / Jornadas de Iniciação Científica


Thematic Program

Graph Theory
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, January 2nd to March 31st.


TeX Users Group - TUG 2018
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, July 20 - 22.

XII Brazilian Workshop on Continuous Optimization - Satellite Conference - ICM 2018
Foz do Iguaçu, PR, July 23 - 27.

Group Theory - Satellite Conference - ICM 2018
Cabo Frio, RJ, July 23 - 27.

Combinatorics: Extremal probabilistic and Additive - Satellite Conference - ICM 2018
Maresias, SP, July 23 - 27.

International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 - ICM 2018
Riocentro, RJ, from August 01 - 09.

Tropical Geometry and Moduli Spaces - Satellite Conference - ICM 2018
Cabo Frio, RJ, from August 13 - 17.

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